Frequently Asked Questions

• My child is having school pictures taken today and they forgot the order envelope! How can I still purchase school pictures?

There are two ways to order underclass pictures.

1) You may still order online prepay for two school days after picture day at www.showstop.co

2) If your school is having a picture retake day, the picture form may be turned in to the photographer on retake day. If you would like us to use the picture that was taken on the original picture day, write across the top of your order envelope “USE ORIGINAL PICTURE TAKEN”.

• Can I avoid the online shipping and handling charge if I come pick up the pictures or have them sent to the school?

No, because they will be shipped directly from the lab, not our office and it is a single custom order and costs more to produce than a group school order.

• Can you take my order over the phone?

If you do not have a computer or prefer to call in an order, Yes, we can take it over the phone if you have the password.

• Can I order pictures on my phone or tablet?

Yes, but our ordering systems work best and more efficiently on a home computer.

• How long can I order underclass individual school pictures?

You may order school pictures all the way to the end of the school year. ( usually last day of May)

• My check may have bounced, can I come pick it up and pay cash?

No, we have a company by the name of “Paytek” that handles all the insufficient fund checks we receive. They will be in touch with you or you may contact them directly at 800 641-9998.

• Do you have a retake day for every picture day?

No, we only schedule retake days for FALL school pictures. Class pictures and spring pictures are only taken during one picture day. Due to liability issues at each school, we cannot allow students to go to another school they do not attend to get a retake picture.

• Something is wrong with my printed picture (i.e. smudge, spot, shadows, blurry, etc.) Can you reprint them for me?

Yes, you can mail the photo in and we will determine if we can fix it or not. If we cannot fix the photo, we will send a refund check for the full purchase price. Please be sure to send us your mailing address and phone number.

• How do I receive a refund?

Our refund policy – Pictures may be returned through the mail to us within 30 days of receiving them for a full refund for any reason.